TallMan Visits Suede Molte Art Studio

Two TallMan students are pursuing an internship-type program with Alice Yard.

A shot of Alice Yard

On our first meeting about this program we met Artist in resident Joanna Crichlow (See here http://aliceyard.blogspot.com/2011/07/artist-in-residence-joanna-crichlow.html).

Artist in resident Alice Yard 2011 – Joanna Crichlow



One of the first missions given was to find and explore the newly opened Suede Molte Art Studio – A new studio based in Curepe and run by young artist Jemima Charles (meet Ms. Charles here http://jemimacharles.blogspot.com/).

Jemima Charles stands between two of her pieces. On the left ‘Uniformity’ and on the right ‘Red’.






During the visit Jemima and Joanna shared notes on materials, design, sources of inspiration.

Towards the end of the visit Jemima insisted we design our own cones for a current project she’s working on. This was the end result:

The created cones.

All in all it was a wonderful visit between creative minds. Suede Molte Art Studio has art classes for July. Email Jemima at suedemolteartstudio@gmail.com.

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