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The TallMan Foundation was founded by Dr. Wilson Ayoung Chee and his wife Michele Jodhan along with their six children, Anya, Ben, Yves, Rohan, Pilar and Wil after a deeply personal experience which left them with a yearning to intervene in the lives of young men and women in Trinidad & Tobago to give them alternatives and, in so doing, to effect positive change in the Country.

Leadership Team – Core Committee

_0003_Michele Profile TallmanDirector: Michele Jodhan

As TallMan’s Founder, along with her husband, daughter and five sons, Michele is the visionary and driving force behind the TallMan Foundation. Michele is also a board member of the NGO CIT+E (Community Intervention for Transformation and Empowerment) and a member of the guiding board of WCCM-TT (World Community for Christian Meditation – Trinidad & Tobago). She is completing a Masters degree (MTS) in theology part-time at the University of Toronto, Canada.

_0001_Shana Profile TallManAdministrator: Shana Bhajan

A former school teacher with several years’ experience in the administrative departments of two universities and a Masters Degree in Psychology make Shana an excellent fit for the Foundation. Shana also holds certificates in Progressive Counting (Intense Trauma Counseling) and SYM Teacher Training.

_0005_Khrystanne Profile TallmanStudent Coordinator: Khrystanne George

TallMan is proud to have Khrystanne as the third Student Coordinator to come from the ranks of the students of TallMan. She is now an active member of the administrative team and at the same time pursuing a degree in Law at the University of the West Indies. ?? Khrystanne’s current job/working life?

_0006_11029914_10153220440439388_1706798967_oAccountant / Administrative Support: Nicole Solis

Nicole brings over 35 years of administrative and accounting experience to the TallMan team. She now manages a family estate and offers administrative and bookkeeping services on a contract basis to several small businesses.


_0000_Tara Profile TallManCreatives

Tara Bhajan is an artist with a degree in the Visual Arts who works as a design coordinator at a leading interior design company.



_0002_Nichol Profile TallmanCreatives

Nichol Narwani (BSc Mathematics University of Toronto) is a dancer and the Operations Manager of Elle NYTT School of Dance.

As well as their advisory roles both these women maintain an active role on the Core Committee and in the administration of TallMan.

Another important creative voice comes from Anya Ayoung Chee fashion entrepreneur and Creative Director of PILAR. Anya’s personal connection to TallMan as the founding family coupled with her public profile make her the natural TallMan brand ambassador.

Advisory Board

The members of TallMan’s Advisory Board are dedicated volunteers committed to the goals of the Foundation: Gladys Pinard is a senior banking executive and one of the two earliest members of the Foundation along with Gwynneth Bernard who has several years’ experience in an administrative capacity in the energy sector and as the administrative assistant to a prominent school psychologist. Other volunteers on this important team include Colleen Camacho, Patty de la Rosa, Rhonda Lou Samuel and Debbie Boos who together bring a wealth of support in finance and fundraising, administrative, workshop coordination and the creative arts.

First Friends of TallMan Foundation

1st Friends of TallMan is made up of those individuals who have been supporting the organisation since its inception. The TallMan Foundation is grateful for the deep connection to and continued support from committee members who are not currently active: Lisa Gittens, Melissa Tardieu, Morella Santos, Gail Horsham, Judy Diptee and Laura Rostant.

Supporting the creative potential of the youth of Trinidad & Tobago