Core Committee

Michele Jodhan, Nicole Solis, Nichol Narwani, Tara Bhajan, Shana Bhajan, Khrystanne George

Advisory Committee

Gladys Pinard, Debbie Boos, Rhonda-Lou Samuel, Gwynneth Bernard, Colleen Camacho, Nicole Solis, Patty de la Rosa

Friends of TM

Lisa Gittens, Laura Bernard-, Nakeisha Quamina, Gail Horsham, Judy Diptee, Morella Santos, Melissa Tardieu

Brand Ambassador

Anya Ayoung-Chee


TallMan functions with the invaluable support of a few dedicated volunteers in particular.  Tara Bhajan, Nichol Narwani-Daniel & Melissa Tardieu function on the Core Committee are ‘creative heads’ and are integral to the events and all activities of TallMan.

Tara has been on the committee for 5 years.  In addition she works fulltime as the Design Coordinator at Jaids Interiors.  She is herself an artist having studied Visual Arts and Theatre Arts At UWI and is passionate supporter of the arts in Trinidad and Tobago.

Nichol is a dancer and dance affionado.  She currently manages Elle NYTT and has been a strong and dependable arm on which TallMan students and committee can rely.  Nichol has been on the committee for over 4 years.

Melissa Tardieu has been responsible for feeding various TallMan students and committee members for a number of years.  In addition to this extremely essential function, Melissa has historically supported the drama and music workshops.  She has been on the committee for 5 years.

Supporting the creative potential of the youth of Trinidad & Tobago